First decent espresso I’ve had.  

I had tried several places before like Starbucks (I know), The Daily Grind (in UNC campus next to The Pit), and twice at Coffee Haven (the small coffee shop on Hillsborough St. across from NCSU’s campus).  Each time I found myself struggling to take even tiny sips.  It was probably a good thing I didn’t even try Port City Java’s (seen in NCSU campus) since their coffee was so bad already.  I had given up on espresso thinking that the sour aftertaste was normal…until I saw these people testing various espressos and criticizing said aftertaste.

I’m glad I didn’t actually give up.  While I was in downtown Raleigh, I saw a coffee shop and decided to give it a try.  Asked when the beans were roasted (since apparently time does matter) to which they answered “last week.”

Rather easy to drink.  It was like how I usually have my tea—satisfyingly strong.  No sour aftertaste.  I actually found myself enjoying the pleasing fragrance of coffee that was lightly lingering on my tongue as I was leaving Crema.  

I’d gladly have another.  And I’m never going back to black coffee.


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