Ha Thien and I love eating fried livers and gizzards.  Unfortunately, except for the expensive “soul food” restaurants, we cannot find a place in Durham nor Chapel Hill that sells them.  Nor can we find any in Carrboro ever since that KFC closed.  With the demographics around here, you would think that fried livers and gizzards wouldn’t be anywhere this difficult to find.  So where do you think we finally found some?  

In Morrisville, near the edge of Cary!  Right off of Exit 284.  Didn’t see that coming, did you?

The CITGO Marathon gas station on the intersection of Chapel Hill Road and Airport Boulevard serves livers and gizzards during lunch.  And if I remember correctly, they probably either only do it on the weekdays or it’s further limited on the weekends.  So when HT and I were heading back towards I-40 from getting our haircuts, I was craving some Bojangles.  But as we neared the CITGO Marathon, I realized that it was still lunch.  Change of plans!  We bought an order each of livers and gizzards for a total of $6-something after tax.  Livers were creamy and the gizzards were crunchy with just the right amount of chewyness.  The breading itself had really good flavors too and didn’t feel “heavy”.  Dipped in hot sauce, it was perfect.  Too bad this place is a good 30-minute drive away from where we live.

…or else. 


  1. i-and-the-sky said: gah D: sounds gross. maybe i’ll bring you some gizzards and livers in exchange for a mojito. :B
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